When We Work Together We Accomplish Many Things

SAE is Thankful for the Support of Our Many Corporate and Community Partnerships

    • AISIN
      AISIN X

      Among AISIN’s corporate culture is the phrase “Be With”. AISIN embraces their role as a corporate citizen and encourages employees to volunteer in local charities and civic groups. Among the causes ASIN supports is the SAE Foundation and they have done so for 25 years.

      We have seen AISIN live their “Be With” philosophy time and time again through their generous support of STEM education and their Mentor Sponsorship of the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration where they host Lawrence Technological University Collegiate Design Series students at the event.

      We are proud to have AISIN as a true partner and ally in our mission and look forward to the next 25 years.

      • Alcoa Foundation
        Alcoa Foundation X
        Alcoa Foundation

        Alcoa’s strong commitment to the Cleveland community is exemplified in their support for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD). Alcoa has been providing A World In Motion to 5th grade students in the CMSD for over a decade. The program originally began as a summer camp offering within CMSD, but quickly blossomed into support from the district’s science director and found its way into the scope and sequence of the CMSD science curriculum. The program reaches more than 700 students and more than 28 teachers. In addition to funding support, Alcoa employees participate as volunteers in the classroom. Alcoa volunteers bring a passion and commitment to the classroom that makes an enormous impact on student learning and in student interest in becoming the next generation of STEM professionals. Since the early days of the partnership more than 3,000 CMSD students have benefited.

        • AT&T
          AT&T X

          We are thrilled to welcome AT&T to as a partner in inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

          When they learned that Detroit area students faced a barrier to participating in F1 in Schools, AT&T jumped at the chance to help. With their support, we purchased a key piece of equipment for the program – a CNC milling router for use in southeast Michigan. This router will allow Detroit area students to form F1 in Schools teams, designing, building and racing miniature F1 race cars and having the chance to compete in regional, national and international F1 competitions.

          • AVL
            AVL X

            As the world's largest independent company for the development of powertrain systems with internal combustion engines as well as instrumentation and test systems, AVL understands the importance of a strong science, technology, engineering and math education.

            By funding the prestigious Gordon Millar Award, AVL helps the SAE Foundation recognize individuals and organizations who best demonstrate continuous philanthropic support of our mission.

            From their support to their support of the Gordon Millar Award to their support of A World In Motion and the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration, AVL is a longtime friend and valued partner.

            • BorgWarner
              BorgWarner X

              Since 1987, BorgWarner has partnered with the SAE Foundation to help deliver STEM programming to students in South Carolina. A partnership in the truest sense of the word, their investment includes volunteer support in addition to financial support.

              BorgWarner provided funding to implement the A World In Motion Primary (K-3) program in addition to supporting programming for higher grades with curriculum such as the JetToy in the Anderson One School District. After impacting thousands of students in Anderson One, they have expanded their reach to Oconee County schools in an effort to expose this community to the same worthwhile experiences that Anderson One students have had.

              BorgWarner has also supported the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration, most recently as a Platinum sponsor.

              BorgWarner’s partnership is a great example of a mutually beneficial relationship impacting a community full of young learners, providing meaningful volunteer experiences for employees and building goodwill as a corporate citizen.

              • Bosch
                Bosch X

                Bosch has been an integral part of the growth and successes of the SAE Foundation and its STEM education programs since 1988. Bosch has demonstrated a strong commitment to furthering the cause for the critical need for STEM education. Funding from Bosch provides needed resources for program development, enhancement and distribution.

                The Bosch grant enables positive results in increasing student achievement and participation in STEM learning through continued distribution and support of the AWIM program. Bosch's continued support of the annual JetToy International Competition shows their dedication and commitment to the AWIM Program and to the students.

                • Caterpillar
                  Caterpillar X

                  Caterpillar has been strong partner of the SAE Foundation for nearly 30 years, providing more than ½ a million dollars in support of STEM education. The A World In Motion program has served more than 20,000 students through Caterpillar support over the years. Most recently, Caterpillar support of 75,000 provided 2,000 students with the hands-on real world experience of AWIM in Caterpillar communities across the country. Caterpillar volunteers provide a rich experience for students that significantly impacts their academic and behavioral performance in STEM subjects. Specific student impacts from the Caterpillar partnership are:

                  • 75% of students show increase interest in math and science
                  • To have 75% of students demonstrate increased awareness of the engineering profession
                  • To have 80% of students exposed to science, technology, engineering, and math concepts
                  • To have 50% of student show an interest in an engineering career after participating in the AWIM program
                  • Cross Foundation
                    Cross Foundation X
                    Cross Foundation

                    SAE's AWIM programs are designed to engage, excite, and encourage students to explore STEM subjects and careers, even in the most remote regions of our states. With an array of corporate and community partnerships we have instituted the Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative (RMAI). Montana's OPI Superintendent, Denise Juneau together with First Lady Nancy Schweitzer value SAE's AWIM programs as highlighted on Montana's Web Site. AWIM program standards are closely aligned with the Common Core Standards from Kindergarten, using a literature based awareness to STEM education, all the way through high school science, math and technology educational applications and analysis. Ms Juneau's support of the Montana Common Core standards is summed up as "The new common core standards spell out for all 13 grades - even kindergarten - the precise skills and knowledge students should master each year in math and English." Montana Common Core Analysis Report.

                    RMAI took root from previous undertakings (Frontier States Initiative) to foster STEM education since the mid-1990s. Arne Siegel, a prominent Montana businessman, in an effort to secure Montana students with the best technological and science based education, began working with Montana ambassadors from universities, former governors, and various business leaders. His idea generated years of research and financial support from SAE through his Frontier States Initiative. Together with Mr. Siegel SAE has re-established, revitalized, and rejuvenated this promise through the newly formed Rocky Mountain AWIM Initiative (RMAI).It is our goal to ensure every child in every school in Montana, has the opportunity to discover and engage in AWIM. As with any initiative, we cannot do this alone. We need the support of business and industry leaders to champion their community of schools and as a result guarantee a workforce with a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

                    • Dana
                      Dana X

                      Since 1904, Dana Holding Corporation has been providing axles, driveshafts and other crucial parts to the mobility industry and they also have a long history of supporting the SAE Foundation.

                      Dana has supported the SAE Foundation for more than two decades through their consistent participation in the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration and support of the A World In Motion® (AWIM) program.

                      Based in Maumee, Ohio, Dana’s partnership with the SAE Foundation has directly impacted students in Toledo and Springfield, Ohio school systems. With a strong cadre of volunteers, Dana has certainly taken ownership of their community, ensuring that students in their region have access to the best STEM programming available.

                      • Delphi Foundation
                        Delphi Foundation X
                        Delphi Foundation

                        Delphi is passionate about helping people live better lives. This is evident in their commitment to global citizenship and giving back in the communities where there employees live and work.

                        Since 1993, Delphi has been a steadfast supporter of our mission, supporting STEM education and regularly participating as a Mentor Sponsor for the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration. Their partnership with us is helping to ensure that young people are exposed to science and math in an exciting and hands-on way, paving the way for a STEM-educated workforce pipeline.

                        • DENSO
                          DENSO X

                          For more than 20 years, DENSO has been one of our key partners, demonstrating their commitment to STEM education and to our mission to inspire curiosity in STEM. A proud Mentor Sponsor of the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration, DENSO hosts SAE Collegiate Design Series students at the event so that they have the chance to network with industry executives.

                          Understanding the strong academic foundation needed for students to succeed in college and beyond, DENSO extends their support to young learners as well. The company’s support of the A World In Motion program helps to provide K-8 students with high-quality STEM education programming, helping to ignite the spark of curiosity in a new generation of scientists and engineers.

                          • FCA Foundation
                            FCA Foundation X
                            FCA Foundation

                            We were proud in 2015 to honor FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne with the SAE Foundation Industry Leadership Award at our Annual Celebration Event. Mr. Marchionne captivated event attendees with an insightful speech after spending time visiting with young students and learning about their enthusiasm for STEM subjects.

                            FCA has supported our mission through their participation in the Annual Celebration event and, more recently, with grant funds to support the A World In Motion program throughout the country, including FCA communities.

                            • FEV North America Inc.
                              FEV North America Inc. X
                              FEV North America Inc.

                              FEV North America is passionate about helping ensure that we have a highly-educated workforce to fill the increasing demand for STEM professionals. An internationally recognized powertrain and vehicle engineering company that supplies the global transportation industry, FEV North America has been a valued friend to the SAE Foundation.

                              As part of their commitment to tomorrow’s workforce, FEV North America invests in young industry leaders with its support of the SAE Foundation’s Stefan Pischinger Young Industry Leadership Award which is presented each year at the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration.

                              • Ford Motor Company and The Ford Fund
                                Ford Motor Company and The Ford Fund X
                                Ford Motor Company and The Ford Fund

                                Ford Motor Company and The Ford Fund have supported the SAE Foundation since 1987 with participation in the SAE Foundation Annual Celebration and support of A World In Motion, F1 in Schools, the Collegiate Design Series and the Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies Scholarship.

                                We are excited about our newest partnership with Ford Motor Company to introduce AWIM in Ford Next Generation Learning Communities. Starting with schools in Utica, Michigan and Jeffersontown, Kentucky in the 2015-2016 school year, we will implement the program at middle schools that feed into Ford Next Generation Learning high schools. Ford has worked diligently to improve teaching and learning and to promote the redesign of high schools to better serve students and their families. Extending this support to younger learners in these communities will help better prepare students for this enhanced high school experience.

                                • GM Foundation
                                  GM Foundation X
                                  GM Foundation

                                  The General Motors Foundation is a long-time supporter of the SAE Foundation and the A World In Motion® (AWIM) program. The development of the AWIM Fuel Cell, Gravity Cruiser and Making Music Challenges are the direct result of GM Foundation’s funding. Equally valuable, GM continues to maintain a strong AWIM volunteer base with over 1,400 GM volunteers currently volunteering in local schools annually.

                                  The GM Foundation also sponsors the International Fuel Cell Competition each year at SAE's World Congress, a friendly competition held annually at SAE World Congress, where students (in Engineering Design Teams of three or four) compete in distance, accuracy, weight carrying and speed events.

                                  • Honeywell
                                    Honeywell X

                                    Honeywell's support of the A World In Motion® (AWIM) program through the SAE-Honeywell's Student Automotive Design Challenge has made AWIM an international phenomenon. This unique experience incorporates a web-based component and online forum that connects students and Honeywell Transportation Systems volunteers in nine countries across the globe. Since the program began in 2008, more than 1,500 students from across the globe have competed in the International Motorized Toy Car Competition.

                                    • John Deere
                                      John Deere X
                                      John Deere

                                      In partnership with the John Deere Inspire Initiative and through the A World In Motion® (AWIM) program we are providing STEM education to K-8 students in a variety of John Deere communities across the United States. Together we are working to increase the number of high-quality students, including underrepresented talent, who enroll, graduate and are successfully working in STEM-related professions, and consider John Deere an employer of choice. The partnership effectively inspires and excites the generation of scientists and engineers by exposing them to real-world, hands-on experiences in the classroom through the perspective of a STEM professional volunteer in that classroom. Over the past two years the partnership has reached over 3,000 students have been reached in the following JD communities:

                                      • Ottumwa, IA
                                      • Torrance, CA
                                      • Waterloo, IA
                                      • Fargo, ND
                                      • Moline, IL
                                      • Raleigh/Durham, NC
                                      • Horicon, WI
                                      • Augusta, GA

                                      More than 100 teachers have been trained through the partnership with JD Inspire and, in addition to John Deere executive participation on the SAE Foundation Board of Trustees, John Deere volunteers make an important contribution to learning that takes place in the classroom by bringing the science and engineering to life for students.

                                      • Johnson Controls Foundation
                                        Johnson Controls Foundation X
                                        Johnson Controls Foundation

                                        For more than two decades, Johnson Controls has supported our mission and our relationship is tremendous example of how a partnership can impact an entire community.

                                        Johnson Controls is the first corporate partner to support a district-wide initiative, implementing the A World In Motion program throughout Plymouth-Canton Community Schools in Michigan. This successful partnership has impacted thousands of students in Plymouth-Canton and was expanded in 2011 to include schools from the FoxPoint/Bayside School District in Milwaukee, home of Johnson Controls’ headquarters.

                                        Perhaps most impressive is the level of employee dedication within Johnson Controls. A team of volunteers works tireless to ensure that classrooms are equipped with an industry volunteer. The Plymouth-Canton team has even coordinated volunteer efforts for neighboring corporations.

                                        In addition to impacting thousands of students with their support of the AWIM program in both Michigan and Milwaukee, the company also sponsors the International JetToy competition held during SAE International World Congress each April in Detroit.

                                        We are delighted to continue this ground-breaking partnership with Johnson Controls.

                                        • Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc.
                                          Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. X
                                          Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc.

                                          The SAE Foundation couldn't be more pleased with its partnership with Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. (KMMG). In 2012, KMMG made a commitment to Troup County schools in Georgia and expanded the relationship to include Alabama in 2015. This support will significantly impact science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in these areas by bringing the SAE A World In Motion (AWIM) program into the K-8 classrooms.

                                          "Our team members take great pride in Kia serving as a responsible and respected citizen in the local community, especially when it comes to youth education. This pledge to fund the AWIM program allows KMMG to uphold a philosophy we call the Kia Way, which says we will all work together to make today better than yesterday. SAE's proven reputation and the experience it has working with the automotive industry were key factors in forming this partnership."

                                          – J. Randy Jackson, vice president of human resources and administration, KMMG

                                          • Nissan
                                            Nissan X

                                            In 2007, Nissan Motor Company announced a generous contribution to the SAE Foundation for the development, testing, and launching of SAE's A World In Motion (AWIM) primary learning materials. These cutting-edge, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education activities were launched in 2012 at the Detroit International Auto Show, with long awaited anticipation and fanfare.

                                            After the product launch, Nissan generously renewed its commitment to the SAE Foundation to continue reaching students at the earliest age possible with AWIM's primary, elementary, and middle school curriculum and activity kits. It was a year of outstanding results and Nissan has played a significant role in making this success possible!

                                            "The Straw Rocket and Rolling Things programs are wonderful cross-curricular programs that grab the student's attention and pull them into the learning. It gives the students the opportunity to test, collaborate, question, and challenge the ideas taught in the program and make connections to the real world! It is absolutely amazing how students use the vocabulary correctly, realize that math and science are exciting, and apply what they learn in the program such as, problem solving, team work, and collaboration to other situations both in the classroom and outside of the classroom."

                                            - Debbie Herman, Third Grade Teacher

                                            • Subir Chowhudry
                                              Subir Chowhudry X
                                              Subir Chowhudry

                                              In 2012, the SAE Foundation built a partnership between the Subir and Malinl Chowdhury Foundation to incorporate quality thinking and practice into SAE educational programing as part of the Subir Chowdhury SAE Student Quality Competition. This Competition brings together defined quality thinking and practice and the research-proven STEM learning experiences of SAE to foster participation in both organizations' work.The Subir Chowdhury SAE Student Quality Competition first began in the 2013-2014 school year and continued through the 2014-2015 school year.

                                              • Toyota USA Foundation
                                                Toyota USA Foundation X
                                                Toyota USA Foundation

                                                The Toyota USA Foundation and Toyota Manufacturing together have comprised one of the strongest corporate supporters of the SAE Foundation and A World In Motion® (AWIM) programming since it began in 1990. In fact, since 2006 Toyota has contributed over $1.4 million dollars to encourage K-8th grade students in understanding and exploring STEM subjects. Toyota support makes it possible to truly inspire the next generation of innovators!

                                                In addition this corporate support, Toyota employees contribute their time and talent to support AWIM programs in Toyota communities and ensure a STEM industry professional in every classroom working with AWIM and to maintain a 24:1 ratio which is critical to a positive student experience. Toyota's commitment to STEM education and the SAE Foundation has had a significant impact on students.


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